Dear lil Niko

Pain of my heart

Look into my eyes
Please, don’t tell me lies
Could you come close to me?
You are the one I want to see
Whisper to me “yes” or “no”
Do you love me? Is it so?

My heart is crying
Because of you
Can’t you see?
I am blue

Every time
You look at me
My heart beats fast
As you can see
My heart is dying,
‘Cause of you
Let my dream come true!

Because of you
My heart is crying
You could stop it
It is dying

I don’t wanna miss you
I’m so high
You are the one
Who makes me fly
Come near me
And give a kiss
Don’t you know?
You are my bliss

My heart needs you
Please, give a touch
It would help a little
But not much

Now, can you say?
Do you love me? Will you stay?
I can’t live without you anymore
You know, what my heart is beating for
You make my life so beautiful
So tell me
Should I stay or should I go?

27.11.08 14:20


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Hitsuji (27.11.08 14:23)
Schöööön ;_;
Noch dazu auf Englisch xD Respekt!

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